The Inception of the War Room

I was born with an innate entrepreneurial spirit.  In college I honed this enthusiasm in my school’s CEO Club – the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization. I know that sounds super cool and not nerdy at all, but what can I say? I may have even risen in the ranks to VP of Membership my junior year.

See? There I am at our annual CEO conference in Chicago.
See? There I am at our annual CEO conference in Chicago.

I started my career in small businesses and start-ups, eventually finding a niche in the commercial engineering and construction industries. During this time, life happened. I got married, moved a few times and had a kid. As life went on my career grew and evolved, but there was little time or stability to branch out on my own.  My husband’s career as a perpetual student meant I was solidified in my role as Sugar Mama for quite a few years requiring a steady job and paycheck, before he finally graduated medical school and joined the ranks of the working masses. That brought us to where we are now – Oklahoma City.

After taking some time off to stay home with my baby girl, the itch to get back to work grew more insistent. I kept my eyes peeled for the perfect opportunity but nothing fit the bill. Finally, a friend of mine mentioned a local custom homebuilder who needed someone to take over their marketing part time. The kicker – I could work from home! So we met, we liked each other, and I started doing work here and there, though I realized I had time for more.

I quickly learned that there was greater need out there for part time marketing work than I initially realized. Every business needs marketing, though sometimes the needs or budget don’t justify bringing a full or part time marketing professional on staff. It’s in this gray area where I decided I could be of the most help.  It was in the midst of this realization that I decided to start a company to help provide à la carte marketing services to small to medium sized businesses on an as-needed basis.

What’s in a Name?

This summer I read what I consider to be the best book I have ever read – “Natchez Burning,” by Greg Iles. It’s the first of a trilogy and I am anxiously awaiting the third and final book to be released.

If you haven't read it, read it.
If you haven’t read it, read it.

I am super overgeneralizing here, but for the sake of time I’ll explain the book like this – The story is about current-day crimes that relate back to race murders committed in the 1960s. In the book there is a journalist who is the only person who still cares about solving the 1960s murders. He compiled all of his investigative work in the back storage room of his newspaper. He called it his War Room.

So there it is – the inspiration for the name of my company. A war room is a place where things get done. Where strategy and creativity come together to make things happen; where goals are accomplished.

Let’s Get Started

War Room Marketing, LLC doesn’t offer service packages. There are no contract commitments or long-term obligations. War Room marketing offers à la carte services on an as-needed basis. Some clients have greater needs than others, but all receive the same attention and quality work.

As the owner of War Room, I will meet with new clients to learn about their company and needs. After the situation is assesed I will put together a formal proposal for your review and we’ll go from there. Work will be billed on an hourly basis, though some clients prefer to have a dollar amount posted for each project. War Room can tailor each client’s needs and budgets for what works for them.

If you’re ready to get things moving, send me a message through the form on the Contact page and I’ll be in touch within one business day. I’d love to partner with you and watch as War Room Marketing, LLC helps grow your business.

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