Typeface Tuesday: Art Deco Fonts

Of all the things the internet has to offer, my favorite has to be free fonts. I can feel myself becoming downright giddy as I comb through Pinterest and typeface Websites looking for just the right fonts for whatever project I’m currently working on.

Designing is definitely a part of the business, but it’s also a passion which means I was thrilled when my sister asked me to design the save the dates for her upcoming wedding (the design for these will be revealed in a future blog post).

Her wedding theme is vintage glam (think The Great Gatsby) so I immediately busied myself with searching for the perfect fonts reminiscent of the glamorous 1920s.

The key was to find 2-3 fonts that paired well together and that could be used for future wedding printables such as the invitations and programs.

Below are the art deco fonts that caught my attention and links to each. Each one is free for private use and a few are also free for commercial use (be still my heart)!

Typeface Tuesday_Art Deco-1 copy (1)



Raconteur NF

HiLo Deco

Champagne & Limousines


Betty Noir


Which one is your favorite?

4 thoughts on “Typeface Tuesday: Art Deco Fonts

  1. Jennifer Hodgens says:

    I think I like Hooch the best. No wait, Bootleg. So how do free fonts work? Probably a dumb question but where do they go? Like can I write something in a word document and that font would be there? #Novice #DontLaugh

    1. warroommarketing says:

      Free fonts are super fun and easy! You download them from the site (the fonts featured in this post are linked) and save them in your computer’s Font file. Once saved you can use them in any program that uses fonts!

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