Typeface Tuesday: San Serif Fonts

A few weeks ago we debuted War Room’s Typeface Tuesday on the blog and it was such a hit we decided to make it a thing.

This week’s inspiration came about during the design of a client’s brand new logo. The construction company wants a logo that denotes strength and power through a strong, bold typeface. I’m all about the modern look of san serif fonts so I reveled in the opportunity to try out some new ones.

While searching for bold, modern fonts, I stumbled upon quite a few san serif fonts that I think will work exceptionally well in future design projects. Below are some of my favorites. Please note that a few font links send you directly to the designers Website so you’ll need to scroll to find the one you’re looking for.

All are FREE for personal use and some are also free for commercial use.


Typeface Tuesday_San Serif-1



Caviar Dreams





Basic Title Font





Champagne & Limousines

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