War Room for Marketer 2016!

Super Tuesday is tomorrow and much like election years past, the stakes are high. It’s safe to say that the candidates this year have very different views for the future of our country and different ideas for the best means to achieve their goals. Whether Republican, Democrat or anything in between, if you’re a small business owner, you’re probably considering what the outcome of this election will mean for your business and the livelihood of your family and employees.

Here at War Room, small businesses are our priority and for this reason, War Room would like to officially announce its candidacy for Marketer!

Small businesses are the backbone of America and certainly the middle class. While War Room may not have much (or any) influence over tax rates or employment regulations, it does have significant influence over sales goals and brand recognition. Aren’t those the issues that REALLY matter?

Over the next few months we’ll be hitting the online campaign trail to communicate our goals and promises without the nuisances of debates, mud-slinging, self-tanners, or relentless fundraising. We are out for the betterment of small businesses which is something people from ALL political parties can get behind.

See you on the trail!

War Room Marketing approves this message.


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