The Evolution of the MCS Logo

Morales Construction Services has been taking over the Dallas-Fort Worth construction market since it opened its doors in 2014. Though their work is outstanding, their original logo left much to be desired.

Owner, Rey Morales, approached War Room for help in creating MCS’s brand identity from the ground up starting with the design of a new logo.

We’ve all heard the saying that Rome wasn’t built in a day and this mantra rang true for the development of this logo. Our initial strategy was to create a logo with an eye-popping color. There is an overwhelming amount of blue among DFW construction companies so we began using orange and yellow in our designs; colors opposite blue on the color wheel and reflective of the nature of the industry.

Morales Logos_Website 1-7-16

Though the initial group of logo concepts was visually pleasing, MCS and WRM decided that it may be best for the logo to display the whole Morales name so that it could be easily read from project site signs.

The next round of logos were all designed with a rich black. Black represents power and authority. It’s timeless, bold and is sure to stand out when placed alongside the logos of other members of the design team and subcontractors.

Second batch of possible MCS logo options.

Rey felt great about design number 6 and we tried it in an array of colors before finally deciding to keep it in the rich black. The only change we made after deciding on the final design was text weight. We ultimately chose to bold the words “Construction Services” as well as increase the stroke weight on the line above them.


From here War Room will be designing MCS’s business cards and letterhead.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a company brand!

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