A Logo Refurbished

The OklaHome Real Estate Team in Edmond, Oklahoma is on fire! With over $2.1 million worth of real estate sold in the last two weeks, I’m surprised they didn’t forget about this project all together. Luckily, OklaHome knows that great marketing will keep a hot streak burning even longer!

OklaHome has been working with a great logo for years, but it didn’t properly embody the brand the company has become.

Along with having a fantastic real estate team, OklaHome is also a custom home builder that specializes in Modern Farmhouse design. To go along with their design aesthetic, they wanted a logo that embraced both the old and the new.

Choosing the perfect rustic typewriter and sleek modern fonts were high on our priority list as well as choosing an icon that was evocative of their Oklahoma roots.

The owners of OklaHome initially wanted their new logo to look as though it had been freshly stamped! There is nothing a marketer loves more than great direction so when I received a sketch of Jennifer’s logo ideas, I was thrilled and eager to bring her ideas to life.

Logo Oval

In order to provide OklaHome with an array of unique options we also developed a range of logos that I felt would exhibit the same modern farmhouse feel as the original stamp idea.

The first, probably most obvious, icon concept was a sketch of the exterior elevation of one of OklaHome’s most notable modern farmhouse homes.

Logo_HouseNext on the list of icon ideas was a windmill. Windmills are very indicative of farmhouse living, but are also making a huge leap in the current trends of clean energy production. Windmills, quite simply, have made a seamless transition from old to new.

Logo_WindmillWho doesn’t think of a large porch and slow, easy days when considering the farmhouse lifestyle? A rocking chair oozes everything that that country living embodies.

Logo Rocking Chair

The initial sketch Jennifer sent me included an arrow and I have a major obsession with arrows right now. Oklahoma is rich with Native American culture and arrows are ever present in local artwork and decor.

Utilizing a right-pointed arrow represents advancement and moving forward, both synonymous with this growing company!

Logo BoxOklaHome was drawn to the design above but requested a white background for the rectangle and to change “Modern Farmhouse” to “Real Estate Team” to suit their current needs. Once those changes were made OklaHome’s new logo was born!

The logo has a few different variations including the original black text logo as well as an inverse. The box around the words “Real Estate Team” can be included or removed depending on the marketing collateral on which it’s used.

New OHHRE Logo




New OHRE Logo_White

What do you think about OklaHome’s new logo? Tell us in the comments!

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