A Custom Logo for a Custom Furniture Builder

Webber Furniture Company is an Oklahoma-based custom furniture builder that creates one-of-a-kind pieces from raw and reclaimed wood. Those of us in Oklahoma City may be technically considered city folk, but we are surrounded by miles upon miles of rolling plains so it’s no surprise that farmhouse furniture is so popular.

It’s only right that a company that focuses on custom furniture deserves a truly custom logo. Am I right?

The stand-out pieces for Webber Furniture Co. are their incredible dining room tables.  This very table served as our inspiration for the logos.

Table Pic

With the table in mind the first round of logos was created with icons indicative of Webber’s specialty table style.

Webber Logo for WR Website-page-001

Though Webber’s husband and wife leadership team loved the icons, they weren’t sold on any of the logos. After going through a few more drafts, the final logo was chosen from three logo styles with two different color options.

The Webber team loved the idea of deep blue and crimson red – colors that are classic and all-American.  A few different shades of each color were added into the various logo designs, with the final two color options showing up in the final round of logos.

Webber Logo for WR Website-page-002

Once the color was added, Webber Furniture Co. knew immediately which logo they wanted to go with. This option leaves no room for question as to who the company is and what they do. Further, it will look incredible when made into a brand that they will burn onto every custom piece!

Webber Furniture Co. currently sells their custom pieces on Facebook and Etsy. They also offer free delivery for customers within a 50 mile radius of the Oklahoma City metro area.

If you’re in need of a custom piece of furniture, give Webber Furniture Co. a call – tell them the War Room sent you!

Webber Logo

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