Time-Saving Social Media

Social media is one of the easiest and cheapest options for reaching your customers where they already are – online. And if you’re reading this during business hours, you can probably bet your customers are online while they’re supposed to be working too. No judgment.

Social media is also exceptionally distracting. Have you ever hopped on Facebook to look at something and realized 30 minutes later that you still hadn’t seen it? Was it possibly because you were distracted by cute baby pictures or stalking your ex? We get it.

time-saving-social-media-2These are the reasons why planning your business’ social media activity is imperative. It can be spontaneous, but it’s more likely to get done if you plan it out. Statistics prove that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. I imagine the same can be said for social media marketing activities.

Glance at the Calendar

If you’re really on your marketing game you probably have a calendar with upcoming events and promotional opportunities. Let’s take December for instance – is there a company Christmas party? Are you sending company Christmas cards to clients this year? What about philanthropic activities? All of these should be on your calendar and all of these are opportunities to boast about your company online. Don’t be shy – unless your employees time-saving-social-media-3are taking duck-face bathroom selfies (DFBS anyone?) for the company Facebook page, boasting about your company online is both respected and expected.

Make the Calendar Interactive

We’ve discussed in-depth the problems business owners have prioritizing their own businesses (throwback to this blog post right hurr). A lot of times this is apparent in their lack of social media activity. To help ease this burden, carve out a time each week to focus solely on social media.

If you’re just on Facebook or Instagram it’s easy to schedule posts directly from the source. If you are on multiple social media platforms it will probably be helpful to utilize a third-party platform to manage all your posts in one place. Places like HootSuite can allow you to create one post that you can then schedule to post on multiple profiles.

If you carve out just 30 minutes every Monday to schedule social media posts, you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the week.  Later in the week if you come across an opportunity to post again, great. But if you don’t, no big deal, it’s already taken care of.

Case in Point

I tend to reserve my weekends to take care of my own internal business affairs; this includes social media. This blog post, for example, was written on Sunday and scheduled to be posted later in the week. The same can be said for every other item that will appear on War Room’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as my personal LinkedIn profile.

I literally will not think about my company’s social media for the rest of the week until I get notified that my posts were successfully published. That way I can spend all my normal business hours focused on my clients.

Pro Tip: Hashtags

If you need a jumping-off point for beginning to schedule your social media posts, look no further than daily hashtags. You can find a hashtag for literally every single day of the week. #motivationalmonday #transformationtuesday #wednesdaywisdom #throwbackthursday #flashbackfriday #socialsaturday #sundayfunday

time-saving-social-media-4There. I literally just gave you seven daily hashtags on a proverbial silver platter. Now use them. Be creative. I guarantee you can find something, ANYTHING, about your business to make relevant to a daily hashtag. If you can’t, make up your own hashtag. But don’t forget that if you’re posting on sites that are largely based on visual marketing, you’re also going to need cool pictures.

Note to self: Write blog post about how to take cool pictures for social media. See? I’ll slap that idea on my calendar and badda-bing, one more online marketing touch.

So what do you think? What ideas do you have to help business owners become more efficient and effective on social media?





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